Qtum is a cryptocurrency and has an edge already over many others. You can also call it Quantum. In this write-up, you will get more details about this cryptocurrency and how you can venture into Qtum day trading in Canada.

QTUM Day Trading platforms Canada

5.0 rating

Min Deposit
C$ 200
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
C$ 250
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
C$ 150
5.0 rating

Min Deposit
C$ 250

Is Qtum worth your interest?

Yes, Qtum deserves attention from cryptocurrency traders because of its very bright future. The cryptocurrency looks promising a great deal. For one, it has already reached an agreement with Starbucks. Consequently, it will soon become a means of exchange on that platform.

This will lead to more demand for this cryptocurrency and also move its value further up. There is equally an agreement between China and Qtum to build a research laboratory for blockchain.

So, trading and accumulating Qtum today will put you in a good place to benefit a great deal from Qtum by the time its value rises further than what it is today.

Where can I buy Qtum?

You need to fund your trading account with Qtum before you can start trading the cryptocurrency. You can purchase Qtum from many of the exchanges around. Examples of exchanges where you can purchase Qtum for day trading in Canada are:

  • Novaexchange
  • Cryptopia
  • Biduobao
  • Yuanbao
  • Coinone
  • Binance
  • HitBTC
  • Allcoin
  • Bittrex
  • COSS
  • BTER
  • Liqui
  • BTC9
  • Jubi

Another place where you can visit Qtum is coinbase. However, you will need to first buy BTC from Coinbase after which you will trade BTC with any of the exchanges above for Qtum.

After purchasing Qtum, store it up in your Qtum wallet and make sure the wallet is secure. You can go for either online or hardware wallet for storing Qtum. The cryptocurrency will be safer in a hardware wallet than an online wallet.

Aside from the safe storage of Qtum, the hardware wallet will also make the cryptocurrency easily accessible for Qtum day trading in Canada.

How to trade profitably

You need to continue learning if you are to trade Qtum profitably. You also need to focus on news about cryptocurrencies regularly. An accurate interpretation of the news can help you to make the right decisions on whether to buy or sell Qtum at any particular time.

You do not even need to spend money to access the news and resources you need for trading Qtum. You can get the news for free online. A good place to get news about cryptocurrencies, including Qtum is Yahoo Finance.

You should be aware of upcoming news and take advantage of them once they come up. A good place to get direct information about the future of Qtum is none other than Qtum’s official website. You can equally check the FAQ section for helpful tips that can make you a successful Qtum day trader in Canada. Other sources of direct information about Qtum are:

  • Qtum Slack
  • Qtum Forum
  • Qtum Github
  • Qtum telegram page

You will not have to pay a membership fee before you can join any of the sources above.

Choose brokers wisely

You will come by so many Qtum brokers out there today with all of them claiming to be reliable. You should think twice before you trust any of these brokers. Before you pitch your tent with any of the brokers, you should read reviews about them.

The reviews will help you to make the right decisions when choosing a broker. When reading up reviews, focus only on information from reliable sources so that you can make the right decision about that broker. A good broker will charge you very small fees and will also process your withdrawals very fast.

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